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The Essential Trustee

Have you ever thought of becoming a charity trustee?

I am delighted to be working with some newly formed charities and some who are in the process of setting up. Every charity is governed by a board of trustees, who play a vital role in directing how it is managed and run. It can be an extremely rewarding role, where you can contribute your skills and expertise to a cause that is important to you. It is also an opportunity to gain valuable experience and learn new skills.

If you are considering becoming a charity trustee these are the six main duties, you will need to undertake. I’ll be sharing some more detail on each one in some future posts, but you can also read the full guidance on the Charity Commission for England and Wales website.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee of a charity and want to discuss the role further, please do get in touch – I would be happy to have a chat!

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