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How I can help support your charity.

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Good governance is essential to the effectiveness of any charity. It enables your charity to comply with the law and relevant regulations. It also helps ensure that the charity’s work is focused on achieving its vision.

I can help you to develop effective policies and procedures to enable you to make the right decisions and manage risk so that your charity can have a strong and sustainable future.

I am able to support your board of trustees to adhere to the Charity Governance Code, so that you can develop high standards of governance. 



I help support with the process of setting up a new charity or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). I work with new Boards of Trustees to submit the registration, complete the charity’s Governing Document, and advise on relevant policies and procedures. The level of support required can vary greatly, from regular meetings and hands-on support, to simply helping to review an application, for those who feel confident enough to get to this stage independently.

Beyond the registration process I can support your board through the practical elements of starting a new organisation. My approach is very flexible, and I am happy to offer support and advise where I can or signpost your new organisation where appropriate,  so that you can ensure you have all of building blocks in place as you start your charity’s journey.



I provide a mentoring service to individuals in the charity sector to offer support and encouragement, so that mentees can maximise their potential and develop the necessary skills, in order to achieve their goals.

Sessions are focused and take place on a one-to-one basis within an agreed time-period, with expectations agreed at the start.

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I can work with you to develop organisational, fundraising and marketing strategies; identifying areas for development and helping you plan for growth.

Creating a new strategy should be a process that involves your staff and trustees. I will facilitate key meetings along the way and guide you through. I can help you reflect on past strengths and weaknesses and evaluate new opportunities to determine the best way forward. We can also work together to plan how your strategy will work practically, identifying any staffing needs and helping to mentor where required.



I can help you to assess your current fundraising situation and determine areas for development to ensure sustainability and growth.  I have experience in developing a wide range of fundraising streams, including, but not limited to, Trusts and Foundations, Corporate Partnerships, Community Fundraising, Individual Giving, High Value Donors, and Event Fundraising.
I believe that no area of fundraising should be considered in isolation and in the importance of charities diversifying income streams to ensure that there is not a reliance on one source alone. This should be done with a structured and strategic approach that will have a long-term impact on your organisation and those you support.
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