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Finish your charity's year on a high

In the charity sector we can all too often focus on the challenges, and let’s face it, they can easily come to mind. We talk about the difficulties faced by beneficiaries, raising funds, how to meet demand, changes in government policy… the list can literally go on and on.

The challenges charities face is something that can be at the forefront of many meetings, of internal discussions and when speaking with other non-profits. It is certainly something we have, on more than one occasions, discussed at the Shropshire Charity Networking face to face sessions.  There is a reason for this. Talking about challenges enables to reach out to a listening ear and to seek advice, after all a problem shared is a problem halved (and it’s always nice to know we are not alone in the obstacles we need to overcome!).

At the last Shropshire Charity Networking session of 2023, however, we did things differently. This time we talked about successes. Everyone focused on the difference their charity had made over the last 12 months. We learned about everyone’s highs and what they were looking forward to in the year ahead. The room was filled with a real buzz. It made me reflect on the need for us all to spend time celebrating the things we are proud of, and the things that bring a big smile to our face.

So, as we bring another year to a close, I suggest you write a list of the positives you can take from 2023. Get together with colleagues and think about the impact your organisation has had. Talk about the events and campaigns that worked well, the fundraising successes and how you worked together to make a difference.

A new year can be full of resolutions to change, to break old habits and do things differently. And, while they have their place, it is okay to go into January wanting to do more of the same, because it is very likely that you are already doing something incredible!

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